Gas bottles and briefcases: My transition from construction to PR

From being on the tools as a refrigeration engineer, I am now two months in to my first job in the PR world and, as you would expect, the transition has been quite smooth.

Ok, well perhaps you wouldn’t necessarily predict that, but if I told you that the company I now work for specialises in construction PR it might make a bit more sense.

My move has opened my eyes to what goes on behind some of the brands and companies I used to deal with on a daily basis as an engineer and even though many aspects are unfamiliar, it still somehow feels like home turf with power tools and building materials still on the agenda.

As a voice for those on the other side of trade magazines, let me say that it has been really encouraging to see how much construction companies, manufacturers and trade bodies genuinely care about the future of the sector and the individual labourers digging the foundations, laying the cables and, in my case, installing the cold rooms.

As I’ve begun to get to grips with my clients core values and key messages it’s clear to see their hunger for communicating relevantly to those on the front line and for providing services that are of a real benefit to them. My new role has given me a unique opportunity to use my first hand knowledge to not only be an advocate for my tradesmen brethren but also to provide an authentic voice for my clients’ communications.

My move has of course, not come without the odd and sometimes embarrassing hiccough, such as the office phone faux pas when putting people on hold, transferring calls and remembering editors’ names which have been surprisingly challenging (I blame the lack of torque settings on the handset and merchant receipts to make notes on). On the whole however, my time in PR has been great, there are moments when I miss the physicality of being on the tools but it just means that all those DIY jobs around the house are finally getting done.

Here’s to a new adventure.

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