Google doodles : Adding value not just selling the brand.

Google's doodle today is a fun little Rorschach inkblot which can be shared over G+, Facebook, and Twitter. If you click the little magnifying glass you'll be taken to a Google search page for Hermann Rorschach which can springboard you into learning more about the man and his work.

The radio times complied a list of the 15 best (in their opinion) of Google's doodles and looking back it's interesting to see how Google has evolved the doodle from a logo into a tool to both entertain and educate, while still building brand awareness.

It's nice to see a company as big as Google using prime advertising space to educate and entertain rather just trying to sell us something.

There's a lesson here for all of us, good content adds to our lives and helps people build a relationship with your brand. The internet is a two way street and if all you're doing is shouting at your customers why should they engage with you? It's all about adding value.

Just think, would you rather look at a banner add selling a product or interact with a Google doodle?

I stand firmly in the camp of added value content over shameless self promotion, and I'd be interested in hearing what you think on the matter.

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