Google Pushes ‘Mobilegeddon’

In the constantly changing world of search engine optimisation, Google has announced a huge shake up of the way rankings are decided.

We all want our websites to be ranked within the top 10 of a search. And with Google’s undisputed dominance of the search engine game your website’s position in their ranking can make or break your website. Google will now factor in responsive design when calculating search rankings on all mobile devices.

If your website has a high search ranking on a desktop computer but isn’t responsive, then your search ranking will drop on mobile devices, potentially below your competitor's site! If the website caters for all, or at least the majority of devices, it has a better chance of performing well in Google’s search results.

For you techies, Google recommends using responsive web design because it:

  • Makes it easier for users to share content with a single URL.
  • Helps Google’s algorithms assign indexing properties into the pages.
  • Reduces the need to maintain multiple pages with the same content.
  • Reduces the possibility of common mistakes on mobile sites
  • No redirection for users to have device optimised view.
  • Saves resources when Googlebot crawls your site. For responsive web pages Googlebot will only need to crawl it once instead of crawling throughout multiple times.

Find out if your website is mobile friendly here.

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