Hands On Learning As A PR Apprentice

After joining CIB it has confidently reassured me in my choice to enter into the apprenticeship world. I now know it is the best choice for me, because learning on the job and being able to practise a hands-on approach is what I am best at.

In completion of my GCSE’s at school and doing well for myself, sixth form appeared to be the next obvious step. This may be partly because it becomes the norm for most people. School, sixth form, then university.I soon learnt that the subjects I chose at the age of sixteen became of little interest to me, and at that age I had no idea what I wanted to do. Certainly after deciding university wasn’t something I was going to opt for, I started thinking about my possibilities for the future.

In the beginning of my second year I left sixth form and began full time work and it turned out to be more suitable for me, as I enjoyed the working world, but not the job role itself. I learnt all the relevant experience, and I am grateful for that, but I longed to be in an environment I enjoyed and felt safe.

Hoping to get away from the current environment I was working in, I started searching for a job in the apprenticeship sector, specifically marketing related. I felt like the company and the role fit my desired work ethic, as I am confident in writing, creative thinking and communication skills, and looked forward to learning more about the marketing industry. I originally went for the role of ‘Digital Analytics Apprentice’ and after a successful interview I was offered an apprenticeship with CIB, but in a different role.
I am working as a ‘Public Relations Apprentice’ and even though it was not the role I had applied for, I am starting to see it as better suited for me after all, and am fully enjoying it regardless. CIB came at a perfect time for me, I have been introduced to a workplace where I feel I belong. I am optimistic, and excited for the learning experience CIB can give me.

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