Has Print Perished? Adobe argues no in suitable style

With the proliferation of digital readers, tablets and smartphone apps today, you might wonder why anyone would still want to look through a printed magazine or leaflet.

Indeed, there has certainly been a lot of speculation that print is dying. However, Adobes' infographic certainly hits the nail on the head. Although the designer breed can really relate to this, you don't have to be a ‘creative’ to appreciate some well-executed print.

If you want immediacy and flexibility - then the digital world is perfect at delivering this. However, there is something very special about leafing through a beautifully bound and embossed brochure or marveling at the uniqueness of a piece of direct mail.

Print certainly has its place. What’s important though, is having the right balance of media to suit the main objective – and that’s where the fun lies in experimenting!!

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