#hashtag #toomuch?

In recent years, hashtags have become a staple reference within daily life. The hashtag is now used across all social media channels, with brands, businesses and celebrities utilising it to their advantage.

Even President Obama and David Cameron share their daily agendas with the world through Twitter and relevant hashtags, along with mobs of One Direction fans sending a daily barrage of tweets to their teen idols! Whether it's hash tagging an emotion, an event, a political debate, or to create a 'trend' that the whole world can be involved in, the hashtag is a pretty inescapable abbreviation.

The saying 'hashtag' has even been coined into daily conversations, with people speaking the symbol aloud before a word or phrase to emphasize either a love or dislike to something, (see video!) and now, once returning from an ad-break during a TV show, a hashtag usually appears in the corner of the screen to generate discussion and trends. Those 4 little lines have certainly taken a firm grip on our modern lifestyle.

But as we endlessly hashtag our Instagram snaps, Facebook updates or our Twitter tirades, do we really know the reasons behind why we all use the little symbol once a rarely used digit on our keyboards, and the best ways in which to utilise it?

#checkout this #infographic giving you the full #lowdown on the in formidable #hashtag...!

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