Joining CIB - 6 Weeks In

Having previously worked in-house doing press and PR, I’d always seen myself working for an agency, so when I was offered the chance to work as a PR Account Executive at CIB I was over the moon!

During my first week at CIB, I quickly got to know everyone in the small but perfectly formed northern office. It’s great to have a tight-knit team, and I was relieved that everybody was so helpful and welcoming, not least that there weren’t too many names to remember!

I got to know all of my team’s clients quickly, writing social media schedules, press releases and learning all about colour separations and the various industry magazines (there are a lot of them!)

On my fourth day, I travelled down south to meet my southern colleagues and attend the infamous shed party on Friday afternoon. The shed party is an annual event in which editors, PR and those in the construction industry get together for networking and a few (a lot) of beers. It was a great first week and the weeks since have flown by. I enjoy always being busy and learning something new all of the time.

Six weeks in and I can just about remember everyone’s name down south and I already know a lot about the construction industry; such as cavity wall insulation and plumbing accessories, which is something I never imagined I would be able to say!

I’m looking forward to a future at an agency that continues to grow and are celebrating their 30th birthday next month with an 80’s party at the Oxo Tower in London. It’s an exciting time to be part of CIB.

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