Keeping One Step Ahead Of The Content Monster

From GIFs, images and videos to social media ads, keeping social media content fresh and engaging in the construction industry can sometimes be a challenge, but it should be one that we face head on.

The world of social media is forever changing; just when you feel you’ve got your head around one thing, it’s likely to have changed completely the next day. In this fast-moving online world, we must always be one step ahead by creating content that will interest and engage the target audience – ¬¬which in a B2B environment can be more difficult than it sounds!

One of the main challenges with social media is that many businesses in the industry still don’t quite understand it and are therefore scared – scared to step outside of their corporate mindset.

As such, it’s refreshing to have a client such as Door-Stop – a composite door manufacturer – that is open to trying out new things. For example, when we suggested they join in with the #FridayFeeling on Twitter (a lighthearted GIF or image illustrating how happy they are that it’s Friday) they jumped at the chance, and guess what? It’s regularly one of their most popular tweets and they receive lots of engagement. Although there is a slight B2C element to the account, which does help with engagement levels, I believe it’s the company’s more laid back tone of voice and its fun attitude that gets installers and consumers alike to tweet them and like their Facebook posts.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer on how to get a B2B audience interested and engaged on social, but by continually measuring engagement, you can apply new learnings month by month and really make a difference.

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