Let Sales Get In On The Social Media Act

Social media – great marketing tool isn’t it. But.. are marketers always best placed to be in the driving seat?

Catherine Caplis - Joint MD

Catherine Caplis10.09.2014

In B2C, customer services gets in on the act – less so in our industry, with resource (and risk aversion) the greatest barriers. But how about the sales team? Does social media really start to blur the boundaries? When it comes to LinkedIn groups and genuine engagement on Twitter, are sales and technical teams actually in a much better position to build relationships? Which is the lesser evil – ‘talking’ to a person from sales or marketing? Who will be most trusted, seen as the more useful a contact?

People hate being ‘sold’ to.. but a good salesman knows that anyway! Social media shouldn’t be put into a marketing ‘box’.. with the right social media policy in place, it should be a tool for all.

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