Making CPDs a breeze

CPDs might just be one of the most hardworking pieces of content you can create; providing an opportunity to engage directly with your audience, impart specialist knowledge and offer up a technically rich presentation to adapt and draw articles, blogs and social assets from.

Emma Marsh - Head of PR - South

Emma Marsh09.05.2024

However, for busy in-house marketing teams who will often have limited resource, finding the time and headspace to deliver either a new CPD or research, update and enhance those that already exist, can be really difficult.

That’s why handing over the job to your PR agency can be beneficial. If your agency is a specialist in the construction industry, familiar with your business and knows how to develop technical, educational content that’s right for your target audience then surely, it’s a no brainer.

We’ve been working on a variety of presentations for different clients recently and they are really satisfying to produce. Our PR team can write the content, and then hand it over to our creative team to design into an engaging presentation and we’ll even get the accreditations sorted on your behalf if you need us to, with the CPD provider of your choice. Happy days!

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