Making PR count for Makita

At CIB, we love working with clients of all sizes, but genuine industry-leaders, such as Makita present endless opportunities for exciting PR work.

During 2020, we’ve worked with the company to raise its brand profile with trade professionals, with a particular emphasis on extolling the values of its cordless range. Whilst growing in popularity on-site, some tradespeople remain reticent about using non-corded products on high-demanding construction applications. Thankfully, our work with Makita is helping to make this a concern of the past, and ushering in a new era of cordless adoption.

To achieve this, we had to speak directly to those in the trade. That’s why we ran a year long ‘TechTalk’ series in Professional Builder, a key title in the contractor press. As well as using the series to promote the benefits of cordless tools, we also touched upon other important topics, such as dust extraction, battery performance and tool theft. We supported this work by procuring regular product tests with journalists and magazines, as well as third-party endorsed case studies.

Of course, working with such a big company has also required us to support several product launches. Whether it be a new range of chainsaws, drills, or rotary hammers, we’ve been on hand to set up the requisite advertising, blogs, features, press events, press releases and social media advertising. All of this has helped to elevate the company’s brand profile even further, particularly amongst those who use its tools on a day-to-day basis.

It’s been made all the more easy by the amazing quality of the products we’re promoting. Throughout the year, we’ve understood that the key to success with Makita is to simply get the company’s tools into the hands of users and influencers. This passion for the brand has helped to shape our work and comes through in everything we’ve produced for the company. We are now putting together plans for next year’s campaigns and can’t wait to share what we have in store!

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