Music to your ears

Introducing our latest creative campaign for Marshalls, which uses lyrics from famous songs, each carefully selected because they encapsulate part of the company’s core messaging to the merchant sector.

Nick Gill - Head of New Business & Client Services

Nick Gill05.06.2023

Featuring Rick Astley, The Spice Girls and Lionel Ritchie, songs universally known by people of all ages, the lyrics are guaranteed to be recognised straight away.

‘Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down’ – designed to re-affirm Marshalls’ position as a reliable choice of hard landscaping partner.

‘Sooo tell me what you want, what you really really want’ – highlighting that as a business, Marshalls listens and values the opinion of its merchant customers, with many of its merchant facing initiatives developed directly from their feedback.

Helloooo….is it me you’re looking for? – selected to convey the proven track record and unrivalled support that ensure Marshalls is exactly what a merchant is searching for.

Leading with song lyrics provides an intrigue factor that draws people in, encouraging them to consume more of the creative execution and aligned messaging, whether it’s one of the print ads in BMJ, BMN or PBM, banners on their respective sites, e-newsletters or a solus emailer sent to their database.

The campaign takes a playful approach in delivering a serious business message to an important customer group.

Look out for the creative in the trade press over the coming months!

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