My First Week

Embarking on a new career is always exciting. Having worked on the peripheries of PR in the last two years or so, the chance to work full on in the industry appealed greatly to me. CIB offers a great opportunity to build up a career (excuse the pun) and also further develop my PR skills. I have only been with the company for a week and I feel like I’m settling in well.

A meeting first thing on the Monday morning was an interesting start. I managed to learn about the various departments in the company along with the personnel leading them. Learning about the clients I shall be working with (coupled with remembering people’s names) was the main theme early on. As the week has gone on I have gained further insight into social media, press release writing, case study reporting, and video projects.

Though I have only been here for a very short time everyone has been very friendly and helpful. Being a big football fan, I’m pleased that I’ve encountered other football people here too – even if they do support some less than acceptable teams in my eyes! I have managed only one newbie faux pas so far as well which I must say I’m proud of – using someone else’s mug for my coffee by accident. Everyone came through it OK!

I’m looking forward to my second week with CIB. There is a chance to take on more responsibility and learn more about the company. All in all, it’s been a good first week and I look forward to what’s around the corner.

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