National Apprenticeship Week Q&A

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we asked our two new apprentices, Emma and Taylor, about their experience with CIB so far. Emma and Taylor are taking a Content Creator Apprenticeship with Baltic Apprenticeships and supporting the two PR teams in our northern office as part of that.

Emily Ball09.02.2024

What made you want to become an apprentice?

Taylor: I love both working and learning, so having the ability to do them simultaneously sounded like a dream!

Emma: After coming out of university, I wanted to try something new. I wanted to delve into a more creative role and learn from the base up, by understanding the theory behind every aspect of a subject.

What is your favourite thing about being a CIB apprentice?

Taylor: It’s really enjoyable so far. Everyone is so lovely and willing to help. I’m glad that Emma was recruited at the same time as it’s made the whole process a lot easier having someone in the same boat.

Emma: I’m loving being surrounded by such a supportive and helpful team! There is always someone to turn to if I have a question which has made the entire process less daunting.

How did the initial process of becoming an apprentice go?

Taylor: I was nervous to even start the process and it took some time to find the right placement, but the process was definitely a reminder that what’s meant to be will be and the wait was 100% worth it now I’m here.

Emma: The initial process went rather smoothly. Baltic were incredibly helpful and talked me through everything I needed to know.

How would you describe your first month as a CIB apprentice?

Taylor: My first month has been great and I already feel like I’ve learnt a lot. I was nervous on my first day, but everyone was so welcoming so I knew everything would be okay.

Emma: It has been very informative – every day is a learning day, and I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge. I leave at 5:30 every day knowing something I didn’t know at 9am!

What are you most excited to take away from your apprenticeship?

Taylor: There is still a long way to go – but I am excited about everything I still have to learn from both CIB and Baltic.

Emma: I am excited to take away all the knowledge I gain everyday. Not just from my content creator apprenticeship, but also from CIB in terms of PR and marketing too. It is incredibly insightful and I’m sure the knowledge I learn here will help me throughout my career.

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