No blocks on the block - What do we build with when we run out of bricks?

Six months ago, most manufacturers of bricks and blocks had yards full of unsold stock. Now there is up to a 20 week waiting list for some heavy side materials.

So what is the reason for this and why the remarkable change around, when we have only just begun to increase the volume of houses actually being built?

Well it's facilitated by brick and block manufacturers being unable to increase their capacity because they had to mothball or close down production in the bad old days of the late 2000's. This problem can only increase as house building will have to double, in order to meet Government targets of 200,000 houses per year, so what is going to happen?.

Will it facilitate a more radical change? Causing volume house builders to have no choice but to move away from brick and block built homes and return to volume timber frame construction.

Timber frame is already dominant in Scotland and might this inability to meet demand coupled with the cost of transporting heavy materials from further afield in Europe make the appeal of timber frame for new build too hard to resist ?

It may be its the result of lack of Government support for UK manufacturing in bad times, which will prevent heavy side building product manufacturers recovering some of the massive amount of lost ground from 2008, when demand simply dried up.

What is your view on a solution to a problem that may only get worse for our heavy side manufacturers ?

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