Pack Shots Don’t Pack A Punch

One of my biggest frustrations is how often so little value is given to good quality photography in our industry.

Catherine Caplis - Joint MD

Catherine Caplis15.01.2016

I won’t even begin to go into ‘architectural’ shots being taken on sales reps’ iPhones, or the holiday snaps that are sent over to accompany a new appointment release. I’m thinking about the humble product shot.

You ask any trade journalist what their biggest annoyance is, and bad photography is often top of the list. Manufacturers will spend tens of thousands of pounds developing a new product – and yet by not investing a relatively small amount in the product photography, they immediately limit the quality of the exposure the launch is likely to achieve.

This is particularly pertinent for any campaign aimed at installers. Pack shots – even in situ shots – miss the mark. Adding some human interest by showing the product being installed opens up the opportunity for bigger news pieces and front covers, as publications will always favour these. Extend that shoot to step-by-step shots and you’ve a full-page feature in the making. Hey, video the step-by-step at the same time (many photographers can now do both) and there’s a ‘how to’ video for your YouTube channel and on-line publications.

Engaging images aren’t just important for traditional media, social media is image hungry too. Posts that use good quality images get more responses, whether that’s likes, comments or shares.

We need more joined up thinking. Often, studios and photographers are booked for advertising or literature photography with little consideration of what the PR team needs. By looking at the photography more holistically, the needs of every platform can be met. I guarantee that the relatively small incremental cost will be worth every penny and more.

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