Predictions - 15 Definitely maybe’s for 2015

So whats does 2015 hold for us all. Here is a very random selection of my thoughts and hopes for 2015, most are serious some slightly less so. 15 things to watch out for in the next twelve months some which will change the world, others will change the price of a season ticket, others might make you want to change your pants.

1. The General Election in May will be inconclusive. No overall majority, with a few seats for the Lib Dems and UKIP, SNP, Green, but not enough to avoid a re-run in October when the Conservatives come out on top with Labour leader Ed Balls ( he can’t be any worse – can he ?, well yes he would be) failing to make up any ground. Likelihood of being correct – increasing every day.

2. England wins the Rugby World Cup in October – well possibly

3. President Putin is presented with a new pair of stack heals for his birthday – likely, very likely, the irony is that he has them bought for him second hand (not with Roubles) on e-bay from Alan Sugar

4. Leicester City comes back from the dead to stay in the Premiership with a last day victory over QPR. Likelihood of happening – decreasing every minute

5. CIB has a very nice 30th birthday party at the end of May. Likely – very much so

6. Flares make a big come back – after the success of big beards, lionel’s make it a 28” bottom 2015.

7. Takeovers and mergers in the construction industry products arena increase rapidly so that St Gobain own all of the supply chain – Likelihood – it’s getting there

8. Online CPD becomes a big hit in the architectural market - Likelihood–improving every day – CORE bless yer

9. Leicestershire wins a County Championship match for the first time in 3 years and England regain the Ashes – big call on both but yes and yes

10. Internet meltdown in October to be called Twitter Thursday as people finally lose the power of speech – chances – it’s going to happen

11. Number of new houses built in the year reaches 150,000, so we are, after 8 years, still not back to square one. - Whats the chances – pretty damn right that’s what I say.

12. I’m a Celebrity is won by Mr Ed, ex-leader of the Labour opposition – chances – a new career after the May election especially if he is pitted against 12 pieces of driftwood

13. Lib Dem telephone box is re-opened so they can all of their sitting MP’s in – chances - real

14. Construction industry labour shortage gets worse, bricklayers getting their own agents (like Eric Hall) to arrange their contracts. - Probably – but not necessarily Eric Hall

15. Gavin Tadman buys a round of drinks – likelihood of happening – hell will freeze over first.

Have a Happy New Year and if all of these fifteen come true, I‘ll buy you all a pint.

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