Predictions 2014-15

Avid CIB blog readers will be aware of an obsession of mine with Leicester City’s improving performance and its link to the success of the UK economy.

So 12 months on, case proven and now you may start to believe what I said twelve months ago, and it was therefore good for the economy if Leicester were to get promoted. Well blow me down with a feather look whats happened. The economy has improved and Leicester were promoted as Champions in May its just too much of a coincidence. Anyway I think its fair to say that we wish Leicester all the very best for the new Premiership season and for them to stay in the top flight, thus ensuring our economy continues to blossom into 2015 and 16.

Predictions are supposed to be a bit of fun, so this is what I believe will happen between now and next August. Assuming Leicester City stay up and maintain their status in the Premiership, the economy will continue to gather strength. This in construction will be allied to all the usual problems of lack of skilled labour, not enough product, lengthening supply times and that in take of breath not heard for a few years from our tradesmen and manufacturers - "ffffrrrr that’ll cost yer”.

Non industry - Scotland remains in the UK but only with a 53–47% majority allowing the Labour Party to think that they will be in with a chance to win the next election, which they won’t. Conservatives win the next election with the help of another party, might even be Labour and interest rates rise to 1.25% by September 1st 2015.

Football – Premiership winners – Chelsea – not in top 4 – Manchester United. Relegated – Southampton, West Brom and Burnley and I will put my shirt on Lestoh still being in the top flight this time next year.
England do rather well in the 6 Nations Rugby and further afield in the World Cup next October, Moeen Ali becomes a national hero and Gary Lineker is knighted for services to something or other.

One other prediction – CIB has a 30th birthday party to remember in May 2015 – watch this space

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