Predictions for the year ahead

Better late than never but here are some of my predictions for the industry and a couple of other things for the year ahead.

With the successful development of our economy being somewhat reliant on the improvement in fortunes of a well known Championship club – as outlined previously, then we have reason to hope that the economic climate will continue to improve. With Leicester City currently riding high at the top of the league - lets hope and pray that they get promoted.

No rise in Base rate until May 2015, the Conservatives have an election to win afterall, which I think they will achieve. House prices will rise by a further 10%, the average age of a first time buyer will reach 84 - and they must be accompanied by their parents to purchase.

Construction output will increase by a greater amount than predicted, but product manufacturers will continue to be squeezed on margin. Code for Sustainable Homes will take an even bigger back seat, the Green Deal to take off but in a totally different direction than what it was intended to do. The energy companies are found out for the bunch of cads that they are.

Massive skill shortages and lengthening of lead times on most material supplies means that our industry won’t be able to construct what we have been asked to. BIM for commercial buildings is further delayed. Plans are announced post Shard, Walkie-Talkie, Cheesegrater and Scalpel to building London's tallest building yet – named after its East End roots, The Winkle. This causes great upset amongst the architectural community when it is announced that follow up signature buildings will include The Pie and Mash and the Liquer – cor bless yer lively.

Now, finally a topic just as close to my heart – sport. England win another game of cricket, Sir Alex back in charge of Manchester United as they plummet towards the foot of the Premiership (was he ever away I ask). Andy Murray wins another Grand Slam and yes the big one Leicester City get promoted as champions back to the Premiership after 10 years. Well we can all dream.

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