Remember Brand..?

Are you obsessed with SEO? Is it controversial of me to be a bit ‘meh’ about it? Now, don’t get me wrong.. it absolutely has its place – and I advocate that we do everything we can to improve it – from optimising your web content, engaging in all things social, optimising your videos, damn – I even see why you have to open a Google+ account (granted it’s the only reason I can see).

Catherine Caplis - Joint MD

Catherine Caplis21.10.2013

But is being #1 the be all and end all?

1) Remember brand?
2) Remember sales people?

To me, SEO if of course crucial for those people that don’t know they are looking for you. Hey – if they type ‘ogee guttering’ into Google and you sell ogee guttering, then isn’t it great when you are top ranking.

But am I missing something? Wouldn’t it be better if they just typed your company name in.. or even better typed in your whole URL?!

Also when they do type ‘ogee guttering’ in – if your company is in the top 3.. will they pick you because you are in the top 3, or because you are in the top three AND they have actually heard of you?

And.. if you are paying out hundreds of thousands, hey possibly millions of pounds a year on sales and specification reps, don’t you also just hope a little that they won’t have to type anything in at all? Or is that the point? Are we hoping to get rid of all our sales reps eventually… they say ‘people buy from people’ – are we hoping to kill that?

Public relations, advertising, direct marketing – in fact the whole marketing mix is still just as important when it comes to getting people to ‘pick me’…don’t you think?

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