Social Media Collaboration

Social media is everywhere! You can’t watch a TV programme or drive past a billboard without seeing a hashtag plastered somewhere in the corner… #BGT #WorldCup to name just a couple.

So it comes as no surprise that social media is becoming a lot more integrated within our clients’ businesses and marketing campaigns. In some companies the marketing departments may have complete control of their social media activity however, in some cases accounts will be managed between the company and their external PR or creative agencies.

As per Jo’s blog last month collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals partner together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit - indeed this approach to managing social media accounts has certainly been successful within CIB.

Across many of our clients we work collaboratively with their marketing departments to create knowledgeable and strong voices across a variety of social media platforms.

As an agency that specialises in the construction industry, we are able to provide our clients with high quality industry news, which may include changes in Building Regulations or key Government announcements, for their followers. Along with this, we ensure that client product detail and messaging is also communicated. With the two approaches combined, we are able to establish some of our clients as key leaders in certain topics and within the wider industry.

As well as working proactively across social media platforms, we can also work closely with our clients to be prompt at reacting to potential negative comments received from followers.

Ultimately, as C.W. Leadbeater said in We think: The Power of Mass Creativity: “You are what you share.”

Now an integral part of any PR campaign, social media also plays a fundamental role in the overall PR activity, with the primary goal to position the feed as a centre of 'knowledge' - with an objective of being a prompt deliverer of interesting and useful content around a particular subject.

Many clients are also involving and training its employees to engage with and use Twitter effectively; with the individual and corporate accounts feeding off each other to optimise reach. This works particularly well with the client working at a corporate level and employees at a more personal level, followers will engage with the client in terms of re-tweets and clicks on URLs, whereas they will talk to the employee.

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