Social Media: Do we need to share every moment of our lives?

The latest Social Media network, Vycarious (currently only on ios) has taken the idea of sharing our lives to a whole new level.

Vycarious is all about creating events and updating them with text, images, and videos. You can add hash tags and others can follow your event commenting on it at every stage. Now one thing all of us are guilty of - is posting inane aspects of our lives. We've all posted mindless rubbish like 'Having pasta for dinner,' which frankly no one cares about.

Vycarious' success or failure is going to hinge on the quality of events people share. I can easily see big life events like weddings or climbing a mountain making for interesting content to follow. However, looking at it, people are just posting the same generic boring stuff they post everywhere else. I just looked at an event that consists only of a picture of someone's dinner... Pinterest is already full of those. In my book your dinner does not qualify as an interesting event I want to experience vicariously through an app on my iPhone.

I'm a very private individual and most of my social media posts consist of articles I've found interesting or photos I've taken - not much in the way of personal information.

The greatest applications of social media (in my opinion) are sharing information instantly across the world providing the opportunity to have a global conversation on any issue. I may not go in for discussions over the latest celebrity relationships but I certainly do look at my fair share of funny pictures (including sharing them). There is a line where your life and even your opinion stops being relevant and starts to just be junk. Social media can be taken too far and Vycarious strikes me as the app to do just that.

I could be wrong and I will be keeping an eye on it just in case it is the next big social app, I will however not be posting to it unless I do something unusual and interesting like carving a canoe or directing a film.

What do you think? Are we sharing too much of ourselves or does every second of our lives deserve to be posted to the Internet?

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