Stop! Collaborate and Listen

Having been with CIB for over ten years, in my experience no matter what type of business, public relations works best when the agency and client work together collaboratively.

Emma Marsh - Head of PR - South

Emma Marsh28.08.2014

This is something I feel is highlighted in the work we’ve achieved to date for specialist contractor Prater.

Understandably, for the majority of companies working in the construction sector, key contacts within the business will have a wide range of responsibilities and priorities. As such, in reality public relations isn’t going to feature highly on that list, especially when their own clients are making significant demands on their time.

This is why it’s absolutely crucial to have a proactive PR agency. At CIB we’re proud of the fact that the onus is always on us to deliver the targets in place. However, when we can work effectively with a client, with regular face-to-face meetings and weekly updates in between, it means the flow of information is at its best.

A collaborative approach to business is an ethos shared by Prater and together, CIB and its marketing team, work hard to identify projects and news. In addition, we have attended the company’s annual Supply Chain Conference and this was really beneficial; helping to keep the PR team on message, clear on the company’s business objectives and up to date on the latest projects.

With regular contact and a collaborative approach to Prater’s public relations, it helps us to remain at forefront of what’s going on within the business. This means as a PR team, we can deliver our targets and really add value.

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