Taking a new approach to Thompson’s social media for 2024!

Having worked across the social for Sherwin-Williams’ trade brands for a number of years, we’re looking to shake things up for 2024.

Max Conyers02.04.2024

To do this, we’ve revisited our social media content and assets to add new animations and graphics, as well as really honing our messaging to drive more web traffic.

The Thompson’s range of products are all about protecting, repairing or reviving hard landscaping, masonry or roofing substrates – and their use is mainly seasonal or reactionary. Our aim is to capture people in the purchasing mindset and drive them to find a stockist on the website. We have done this by being highly tactical in the products we push out and when.

So far this year our activity has driven over 5,500 web visits, with 32% of visitors searching for their nearest stockist.

We’ve also recently created a Thompson’s Instagram page, to further increase our reach to the DIY and home renovation audiences we’ll been targeting more in 2024.

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