Taking the ecoSEAL challenge

Over the past few months, we have been working closely with Geocel to launch a new campaign aimed at tackling the construction industry’s consumption of single use plastic - The ecoSEAL Challenge.

Alice Straker Account Manager

Alice Straker21.06.2021

Did you know that each year over 100 million virgin plastic sealant and adhesive cartridges get sent to landfill alone? That’s why Geocel developed the ecoSEAL system, which combines a re-usable sleeve with product foils to create a far more sustainable alternative to traditional sealant cartridges.

Understandably, new systems can be met with trepidation by the trade, so we suggested Geocel launched the ecoSEAL Challenge to help get the product into installers’ hands, for free, and show them how easy it is to switch. To achieve this, we sought the assistance of a number of well-known faces from across the construction industry - including Skill Builder Roger Bisby, painter and decorator Wayne de Wet and Britain’s favourite builder Julian Perryman – and asked them to take the ecoSEAL Challenge, and tell us what they thought of the product.

The verdict was unanimously positive, and with the influencers’ help we’ve launched a series of videos across Geocel’s social media and YouTube, letting viewers know how they can get their hands on a free sample of the ecoSEAL system and try it for themselves.

Keep an eye out on Geocel’s social media channels for further coverage of the campaign and reviews of the product from those who signed up to give the product a go.

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