Taking Video Content To The Next Level

At CIB we really recognise the value of great video content and how best to promote it. For this, our client ACO Water Management is a great example.

Emma Torgbor - Project Manager

Emma Torgbor21.07.2014

As part of its major support of Ecobuild this year, the company launched ACO on Air at the show – a filming studio interviewing a steady stream of key speakers. Since then, the studio has also featured at the ACE Annual Conference and Base London and Runways UK.

ACO on Air recognises the value in each of the shows’ conference and seminar programmes and how knowledge and networks create a powerful momentum for change. As such, its a resource for planners, designers, policy makers, budget holders and engineers to access original video content relating to the wider issues surrounding water management and water sensitive urban design. Its aim is to encourage collaborative thinking, by bringing together leading thinkers and practitioners from across the industry to demonstrate best practice, educate, challenge and respond to the issues affecting us now - and in the future.

Along with assisting the studio at each of the shows, CIB is now working closely with the company in the release of the videos for wider dissemination. Hosted on ACO’s website and the company’s You Tube channel, the content is now being pushed out via ACO’s two social media channels – Twitter and LinkedIn – with the regular posting of links including the use of promoted Tweets to hit an even wider Twitter audience. With many of ACO’s employees being avid users of LinkedIn, where relevant, the content is also being publicized via LinkedIn Groups, which employees are members of.

Those that have been interviewed and the company’s that they work for are also being encouraged to share the content either on their own website and/or via their own social media channels as well as publication websites, where content is relevant.

By delivering such a great level of content, ACO on Air is providing the ideal opportunity to really get wider messages relating to ACO out to a much broader group of people, which gives those watching the videos a really valuable resource – ultimately though, its not just about creating the content it is about using it to the best of its ability.

To take a look at ACO’s video content, visit, ACO OnAir, ACO Sustainability or vist ACO's YouTube Channel

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