The job’s still got it..after all these years

When I embarked on my career in construction marketing 17 years ago, I don’t think I ever would have imagined that I’d be sat here today thinking that it’s only now that I’ve reached the most exciting times…because of the advent of social media.

Because…IT’S ALL NEW TERRITORY! For the first time I’m playing a small part in working it out. Since we seriously started to look at social media as part of our offer, just over two and a half years ago, there have been times when I’ve said to a client – “I did think that… but now I think this.” I do keep changing my mind…I do try things and they don’t work. Unnerving? Yes, a little – but thankfully I’m working with clients that understand both the benefits and the risks of early adoption – and in working out what works and what doesn’t, we’ve produced some work that I’m extremely proud of.

Winning the Best use of Social Media award as last year’s CMAs for our work with Graham Plumbers’ Merchants was fantastic recognition of the team’s efforts in developing a ground breaking social media offering within the plumbing merchants sector, with the launch of Channel Graham and the Facebook and Twitteraccounts. I think @KnaufUKshows brilliantly how working collaboratively with a client can achieve a content rich feed that encourages engagement - and STN is our most ambitious ‘content marketing’ project to date; a sustainability website developed for Carillion that brings together news and opinion from right across the sector, heavily support by its social media channels.

Through these projects – and many more – I’ve learnt a lot (I’m still learning) and I’ve been really challenged creatively. I’ve had to develop new skills and I’ve had to take risks – which I think at this stage of your career is all you can ever ask for.

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