The Joys Of Big Brochure Design

Ever wonder how much time has gone into the design process when you flick through a weighty brochure? Our recently designed Nu-Heat brochure reminded me just how enjoyable it can be.

Large brochure design is a different beast to other forms of design and needs to be treated accordingly, but can be extremely satisfying when the day you're holding a printed copy in your hands finally arrives! There are mixed emotions from the highs of seeing the final print quality and smelling the paper stock, hot off the press, to the lows of finding that one typo that slipped past everyone! (Thankfully, that's pretty rare due to a rigorous proofing process by the world and his dog).

The initial design stage is followed by the lengthly rounds of amends, tweaks, layout redesigns and finally the artwork stage. The crucial proofreading, checking and double-checking is fairly shared between the team and to be doubly sure fresh eyes are invited to find that last remaining typo before it's sent to print.

As a designer, big brochures can be a very rewarding journey with a tangible end product that you can be proud of. Essentially, we're story tellers. Images are our words and they help us tell our client's story. Whilst immersing myself in its visualisation over a period of what's more often than not several months, I really have the chance to get my teeth into a brand look and feel, ensuring continuity whilst giving the reader something different with each turn of the page.

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