Timing It Perfectly – WikiHouse 4.0

A recent collaboration between The Building Centre, Zero Zero and Arup has seen the construction of the world’s first open source, digitally printed house in Central London to be exhibited during London Design Festival.

The ‘WikiHouse ’ is a low-energy house, which anyone can download, adapt, ‘print’ and assemble in a few days, with no construction skills, and for less than £50k.

CIB client, Coillte Panel Products supplied the build team with 350 18mm SmartPly OSB3 panels at a size of 2440x1220 for the main frame of the structure, which was built outside the Building Centre on Sloane Street.

To capture the use of the Smartply product in this groundbreaking construction method, the CIB team set up and monitored two time-lapse cameras to film the entire build, which took just a week!

The resulting video is an outstanding example of how time-lapse can be used to capture innovative building projects. And with clips of our video appearing in national, local, trade print and broadcast media, it proves the value that creative films can have within the construction industry

Moreover, managing the production of the timelapse film in a ‘live’ environment has been extremely challenging, incredibly fun and has added another string to my ‘PR bow’. I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into similarly creative projects that raise the profile of the innovative industry in which we work.

To find out more about the WikiHouse movement, watch this video or visit www.wikihouse.cc

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