Trade up to Tradex

As an industry, construction can often be seen as being years behind in its digital adoption. However, one leading the race when it comes to construction software is Causeway.

Gemma Seal - Head of Digital

Gemma Seal19.08.2021

We've recently worked on a creative campaign, to help promote its Tradex e-invoicing software. Causeway wanted to highlight how digital adoption isn't just about tools on site but also incorporates all elements of the construction process; including managing the payments process with e-invoicing - now more important than ever with the prompt payment code coming into effect. We knew we were dealing with a serious topic and within a market where existing communications are often traditional and staid – but we still wanted to push the boundaries creatively.

Starting where we always do, with the end user, we wanted to understand their 'pain points' and give them the reasons to Trade up to Tradex!

We concluded that if there was a race between Tradex and its competitors, Tradex would always come out on top. So, for our creative execution, we channeled the ‘whacky races’ – visualising our pain points as cars - with the Tradex hero car always outperforming.

We’ve created a series of fun and attention-grabbing animations, amplified via a combination of digital and social content. Follow Causeway's social channels to see if you can spot one of the whacky races for yourself…

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