Training Always Triumphs

Originating from a journalism and PR background - the latter across several local authorities - I’ve encountered significant change throughout my roles.

Working on a variety of internal and external communications projects including digital, social media, written and desktop publishing means I’ve had to work quickly and effectively on many new topics.

So when I entered construction industry PR earlier this year, little did I know how technical and interesting it would be; with a lot of training required to widen my knowledge within a fast-paced and ever changing industry.

While I have learnt on the job by digesting information from technical construction titles, through our regular client meetings, on the job writing and social media assignments, the opportunity to attend two client-training workshops have really enhanced my knowledge and thus been invaluable.

In the first workshop I attended at Fernox, I was able to gain an invaluable insight into chemical water treatment and its route to market, which has enabled me to alter and hone my written copy for various industry magazines and websites.

Additionally, my second client training session - a CPD seminar delivered by Marley Alutec - offered a detailed insight into the research and development process and understanding the technology behind rainwater systems. This has not only enhanced my technical knowledge, it also provided interesting third party insight, while highlighting key messages and unique selling points that are crucial to include within communications and PR copy.

Everyone learns differently, but for me, to have practical training that demonstrates a product’s development - while understanding a client’s key requirements in publicising it - makes a great difference to written copy.

On reflection, attending these sessions has really demonstrated the value of client training to ensure a thorough and detailed understanding of a product, a company’s history and route to market. Delivered by technical and sales professionals, who all provide excellent in-depth industry knowledge, client training is invaluable in ensuring that we can translate complex technical information into media-ready content.

Providing a rounded understanding, client training adds to the brilliant support I’ve so far received from CIB colleagues and clients I’ve worked alongside within construction industry PR, which I know will continue as I learn more each and every day.

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