Visiting Hours

Site visits provide real value, both for us and our clients. When we hear about a great case study there are several things we consider: can we come and see it? Could we bring an editor? Is it important enough to host an event onsite? Is there enough information to write an in-depth project focus article?

Primarily these all boil down to one critical success factor - how can we leverage this project for the maximum amount of return for our client?

So when interdisciplinary property and construction consultancy McBains Cooper told us about the groundbreaking technology they are using at the Royal Portbury Docks in Bristol, we knew we had to not only see it for ourselves, but also take an editor to witness it too.

A visit with MMC magazine was arranged. With both McBains Cooper and their client representative available to demonstrate the technology and answer any questions the result was an extensive piece of coverage, documenting the visit.

But the value of site visits goes deeper than this. It enables the teams to spend valuable time with our clients on their home turf. We always make sure we ask lots of questions, knowing it’s this curiosity which brings projects to life on the page when we go on to write about them for further articles.

So having taken one or more editors to a site, we are well furnished ourselves with the information needed to produce more copy, place more articles and generate even more interest in the work our clients do every day.

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