Vital Statistics

According to recent research, Birmingham is the ‘cat capital’ of the UK with an estimated 70,258 moggies miaowing their way around the city.

Statistics like this can really help a story stand out which is why we were excited to take a look at TraffiGlove’s new Hand Safety Report (HSR) 2015. Offering a valuable source of information for individuals across a host of sectors, the HSR 2015 is packed full with the most up to date research and those all important statistics, relating directly to the issues surrounding hand safety.

With that in mind, did you know handling injuries accounted for 24% of the reported non-fatal injuries in 2013/14 with an estimated 909,000 working days lost?

To help maximise coverage, we also developed a hand safety infographic, pulling out some of these key statistics in order to create a shareable document that could be used across the TraffiGlove website alongside its Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Of course, from a PR perspective, access to this level of research is incredibly useful and means we can continue to highlight important issues in an easily digestible format throughout the year, drawing upon data in press releases, case studies and feature articles as well as developing the content further, for use across social media, where possible, too.

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