We’re Part Of The Furniture

Success is based on a number of factors, particularly when it comes to measuring the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of any PR. Ongoing PR for our clients, that is the consistent visibility of brands and messages to specific target audiences, is most effective when it is based on the collaborative integration of the CIB construction PR team into the client’s own business. Ideally we want to become an extension of your own team.

This doesn’t just ring true for your marketing contacts, we spend time getting to know the key people across your organisation – from technical and product development to sales and even operations and logistics. In this way, the CIB PR team aims to become entrenched within your business, with multiple benefits for everyone.

Primarily it means that we gain a deeper commercial awareness of your business, the way it operates and the market pressures and drivers that influence it. It also means we can respond quickly to new opportunities because there is no need for lengthy introductions to key people outside of your marketing department when it comes to gaining the insight needed for a reactive comment or opinion piece. This works both ways too, so by knowing who to speak to at CIB, your staff can contact us directly with information, which is then managed through our reporting and account management process.

So by spending time getting to know your key people we can inject more value into your PR. Either through attendance at sales conferences, technical training or simply via one to one briefings, we’ll work to establish and maintain a collaborative relationship that sees the value of PR penetrate every part of your business.

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