What Makes The Best PR Client – Agency Relationships…

The definition of collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit. It sounds simple in theory, but over my time in construction PR I have come to realise that it isn’t always in practice.

Joanne Evennett - Head of PR North

Joanne Evennett25.11.2013

For me, the best and most efficient client relationships are those where collaboration lies at the heart of the partnership; a two-way affair, where the PR agency is embedded in the marketing and communications department, not merely just as a service but also as an extension to the team.

In order to provide the best possible PR service, we rely as much on client input, direction and pressure as we do on our own training, knowledge and editorial contacts and relationships. So for me, I thrive on the clients that not only work with me, but that are constantly pushing and challenging me for results - particularly in an age where the standard PR activity is becoming only one element of our service.

With the prolific surge in social media and trade magazine’s digital offerings becoming all the more sophisticated, the need for stand out, integrated campaign coverage across a multitude of platforms is all the more pressing. In my mind this can only be achieved if the partnership between agency and client is as tight as it can be, collaborative in nature but one that also constantly pushes and demands the best possible outcome.

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