Who Will Be Buried First?

Who will be buried first Richard III or Leicester City? Let's look at the uncanny parallels between Richard III, Nigel Pearson, Leicester City and their respective falls from grace.

Richard III, our ex-monarch was lost for many years under a Leicester car park and is due to be buried in Leicester cathedral tomorrow. Leicester's own football team, lost for slightly less time from the Premiership, look as though they will be interred back to the Championship not long after.

It's an uncanny parallel (for that is what it is) that unfolds in front of us. Richard’s brief reign and his brief reappearance is mirrored by Leicester's brief flirtation with the Premiership after 10 years in the wilderness.

There's also a scary similarity between Richard III quotes and those of Nigel Pearson in 2015 – see if you can work out who said what from the list below;

“Despair and die ”
“A goal, a goal – my kingdom for a clean sheet”
“ I am tired of having people’s sympathy. I have made mistakes, but there is an awful lot of positives in our performance”
“Plain and not honest is too harsh a style – we wuz robbed”
“Wrong hath but wrong and blame the due of blame”
“Out of my sight, thou dost effect mine eyes lino”
“Ref, dispute not with him: he is a lunatic"

There are unwanted parallels between Bosworth Field and the King Power Stadium – poor and ageing defence, can’t buy a victory, attack unable to put the loose ball home.

As the eternal rose tinted spectacled Leicester supporter, maybe we will not die, but live to fight another season.

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