Why we should all want Leicester City promoted in May 2014

So I don’t care about football and most of all Leicester City you might be saying and what’s that got to do with my business and the economy in general.

Well a lot more than you might imagine and here's the irrefutable proof that when Leicester City perform better the economy follows and vice versa.

Here are some of the many examples of Leicester’s performance mirroring the performance of the economy. Leicester were top of the Premiership in September 2000 and more recently dropped into League One for the first and only time in their history in May 2008 (the nadir), now look at the economy – September 2001 was the start of a long and sharp decline and 2009 was simply the worst year in our recent economic experience. Pure coincidence or is there a more defined link. Admittedly there is a lag of about 9 -12 months but the statistics don’t lie.

If you go back further in time it still works – periods of recession echo performance, the Foxes being relegated with downturns, promotions tie in with upturns. These uncanny correlations work for the 1920’s, the late 70’s, the early 80’s and mid 90’s and even in the 'you never had it so good' MacMillan era of the early 60’s when Leicester were Cup Finalists twice and top of League Division One.

Now with Leicester currently opening the Championship season in a winning way, what would you really like them to do for the rest of the season? I think we want to see them promoted don’t we?

Wishful thinking on my behalf or somebody just desperate to get back in the Premiership after 10 years, well I know I want the economy to improve as soon as possible so come on Mr Pearson and the men in Blue and make the top two in 2014.

Coincidence, an economy driver or pure madness (I think not) - your comments welcome. Maybe we’re a Fox economy not a BRIC or a Tiger?

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