Working In The Construction Industry

Having worked within the construction industry for the past three months; I feel enough time has passed for me to take stock on what I have gained from the industry thus far. In this blog, I give an overview of what I have learned and the benefits of working within the construction industry.

Coming from a musical background and with no friends or family working within construction, I had very little experience of the industry. Aside from a passing interest in architecture, I had no idea of what it really meant to work within the built environment.

Although initially overwhelming, it very quickly became clear just how complex and fascinating the industry really is – giving me a newfound appreciation for the built environment and just how much hard work, planning and dedication is required to see a project through from the initial design phase to completion.

Working in a PR role within the industry has dramatically expanded my knowledgebase, with every day providing me with a different learning opportunity. Due to the varied nature of our clients, I am gaining an in depth knowledge of a variety of different sectors. Whether I am writing a case study about the delivery of a complete building envelope or drafting a feature on the positive contribution effective ventilation can have on indoor air quality – every day is different.

I am also very lucky to benefit from a wide range of experience, both within CIB and within the industry more generally. It’s a privilege to gain such deep insights from individuals so hugely experienced within the industry.

In the relatively short time that I have been working within construction, I can already track my progression. Reflecting on my first week within the industry, I barely understood what was meant by many industry terms – now I am confident writing in depth at a technical level whilst ensuring that I am accurately reflecting the message our clients wish to communicate. This is particularly important when writing for the trade press where the intended audience are highly knowledgeable in their respective fields.

Looking back on my first three months, I am proud of the progression I have made and the steps I have taken to ensure that I can satisfy the needs of clients. It’s an exciting time to be in the industry and I hope that this is the start of a long career working within construction.

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