We're currently recruiting, click here for details on current roles

We're currently recruiting,

click here for details on current roles


Digital technology - and the lowering cost of video in particular - alongside the growth in credible digital media has opened up a wealth of new opportunities.

At CIB we have the experience and knowledge to exploit this potential to the full.

Whether it be responsive website design and build, email or viral campaigns, video, animation, infographics, motion graphics, apps, blogs, webinars, SEO, online advertising, or SMS campaigns, we use technology to provide new ways to talk effectively to your customers.

But digital activity doesn't exist in a vacuum. It works best as part of a co-ordinated and integrated approach — enhancing our traditional marketing, advertising and PR activities to create powerful and effective campaigns.

Time to think more responsively

With mobile devices set to overtake desktop PC's as the dominant internet platform by 2014, make sure your website is responsive. See how your current site displays on tablet and mobile by using our responsinator tool?

Client testimonial

"We were looking for a new and impactful way to emphasise our technical expertise, and the Remember It’s Waterproof campaign has more than delivered. Our marketing activity needs to be measurable so digital is the perfect medium for us, bringing results that surpassed our expectations." - Sarah Patrick, Marketing Manager, RIW