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Crumbs…What an ROI

Design for Print, Direct Mail

Crumbs…What an ROI Crumbs…What an ROI
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In a world where the volume of digital communication is saturating the market, it’s interesting to see that direct mail is making a comeback, performing strongly both in terms of the cut through and the tangible results it can deliver.

The key however is not the mass market approach of the 90’s but highly targeted, well researched, low run DM with clear messaging. Most importantly ensuring 'buy in' with sales to follow it up.

For Safesite, the fall protection specialists, we created a campaign with the inclusion of a delicious edible gingerbread man. The campaign targeted Facilities and Estates Managers, Safety Managers, and Works Managers within local authorities, higher education and food and drink manufacturers mainly multi-site. Three different versions were created to address the distinct needs of each sector – the call to action was the simple offer of a free site survey where Safesite would offer advice on how to ensure a safer working environment and to tuck into a gingerbread man.

Just 150 (50 manufacturing, 50 higher education, 50 local authorities) were sent out over a 2 month period allowing for proper concerted follow up. The results have been exceptional especially in the manufacturing and education sectors with a enough new projects secured as a direct result of the campaign to deliver a twenty-fold return on the marketing investment (not including further outstanding quoted work). Testament to the success of the campaign and its creativity is that the concept is being adopted across different territories within Kee Safety Group.

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Client testimonial

“We were looking for a creative and memorable way of presenting our company to specific market sectors and CIB’s extensive knowledge of our target audience and understanding of our business was invaluable. The gingerbread man direct mail campaign delivered exactly what we wanted, everyone we spoke to remembered our company and commented on how much they liked the direct mail. Even those who didn’t have a requirement for our services were happy to speak to us. The work generated from this campaign has exceeded our expectations and more than covered the costs – the only problem now is how we better this next year. Over to you CIB!”

- Ruth Taylor, UK Marketing Manager, Kee Safety Group