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The best underfloor heating partner BAR none

Design for Print, Direct Mail

The best underfloor heating partner BAR none
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WMS is a leading supplier and installer of underfloor heating systems for new build developments in the UK.

Our campaign targeted Construction Directors and Technical Directors working for luxury housebuilders with a turnover in excess of £10m. These high value prospects were identified by the WMS sales team as key contacts that they would like to engage in a face-to-face meeting.

The ‘chocolate bar’ themed direct mail pieces were sent out over a 6 month period - distributed on a staggered basis to a very tightly targeted list of key prospects identified by the WMS sales team.

Critical to the campaign's success was integration with the WMS sales team to ensure their ‘buy in’ with every mailer personally followed up by a member of the team.

The carefully staggered mailing and telephone follow up was carried out over a six month period from April 2019 to mid-September 2019 with five mailers sent out each month (35 in total) to allow for concerted follow up by the small sales team at WMS.

Shortlisted at the 2019 Construction Marketing Awards, the campaign resulted in 10 high value sales appointments (approx. 1 in every 3 sent) and the WMS sales team is currently negotiating sales valued at £4.2m.

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Client testimonial

“This campaign has been a resounding success for us. It has been lovely to be able to get back to personalised direct mail and see the effects this can still have in an increasingly digital world - so much so, that other sectors of our business are now wanting to adopt the same campaign for their target customers. I knew we needed the wow factor and for the piece to stand out. We did that with strong creative, credible messages and with a premium execution.” - Jo Crown, Marketing Manager, WMS Underfloor Heating