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Winning hearts and minds

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Winning hearts and minds
Winning hearts and minds
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The lighting industry has witnessed a dramatic transformation in recent years and continues to rapidly change. The significant energy savings that can be achieved through energy efficient LEDs means that ‘lighting’ has shifted from being a commodity product to a strategic asset, a key contributor to an organisation’s energy and carbon reduction programmes.

With this has come a need for lighting manufacturers such as GE Lighting to re-position its offer from a seller of lighting products to a strategic partner – and to extend its messaging to a whole new audience of finance directors, sustainability and energy managers and the C-suite audience – engaging the entire target market at a higher level.

Illuminated Minds seeks to engage this audience through a collaborative approach, whereby its target audience are also its contributors. It provides a credible, independent platform for journalists, customers, influencers and industry professionals to share knowledge and ideas.

A comprehensive content schedule is developed and managed by CIB. Working with GE Lighting’s central-European agency, the team drives topic and theme ideas by keeping a close eye on market trends and developing news stories. The team also highlights key areas from within GE Lighting to develop into original content – this has resulted in a number of white paper summaries, infographics, key customer insights and live event updates being published on the site.

Social media is used as a key support to the Illuminated Minds blog. Using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in a multichannel approach has not only increased the reach and traffic of the Illuminated Minds blog but has strengthened GE Lighting’s position as a source of industry leading ideas and expertise. Leveraging key contributors’ names and profiles, social media has been used as a starting point for the conversations and discussions expanded upon on Illuminated Minds.

In the first half of 2015, Illuminated Minds published 37 posts receiving more than 17,800 views and GE Lighting’s Twitter account grew from 3,297 followers to 4,067.

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Client testimonial

“Illuminated Minds allows us to fulfill an obligation we have to the markets we serve – which is to convene thought leaders that view opportunities and challenges in those markets from different vantage points and express those perspectives in an open, transparent and informative way. It is about educating, driving understanding, disseminating information and creating a more informed market environment for GE and others to serve.”

- Agostino Renna, President and CEO, GE Lighting EMEA