A company whose people are its greatest asset

Lots of companies say that it’s their people that are their greatest asset. But how many live up that claim?

One company that does is major painting and decorating contractor Cousins. It prides itself on the strong family culture and shared ethos that unites the whole business. As its founder Bob Cousins has always said ‘get the best people, look after them and they look after your business’.

But how do you capture that philosophy in a short 3 minute video?

Working on a tight deadline of just three weeks from initial brief to completion, it was essential that any concept we developed put its people firmly front and centre. The creation of a cleverly scripted voiceover then added a layer of personality and some insight into the key people that continue to make this successful business what it is today.

…and the result? An engaging company video that genuinely reflects the business.

Cousins team photo

“CIB has produced something that is not only very impressive, but have also understood the Cousins ethos and value, and managed to get this across in the video”

- Ben Doherty, Managing Director, Cousins Group

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