Bringing key architectural projects to life

Filming beautiful architectural projects and bringing our clients' involvement in them to life through video is something we really enjoy.

The project videos we’ve created for Armourcoat are particularly strong examples, expanding upon and providing depth to some exemplar projects across different sectors.

The combination of a very aesthetic product in polished plaster and some seriously impressive projects was the perfect scenario – in this case, the comprehensive refurbishment of the iconic Minster Building, the newly launched Café Football in Stratford and a luxury residential project in Mayfield. Of course, it helps when the residential project in question happens to be that of the Chief Executive of New London Architecture!

Filmed at each project's location, we interviewed key stakeholders providing different perspectives on the project in question, summarising the design challenges and explaining how and where Armourcoat added value in provided a solution with accompanying B-roll of the project for context.

With online trade publications continuing to have a thirst for good quality video content, project videos of this nature represent a sound investment and can be used in a multitude of ways – whether it's enhancing your own website, using them as a face-to-face selling tool or leveraging involvement in a key project through social.

‘The case study collaborations with CIB are an increasingly important part of our international marketing - proving a vital tool to present our work, brand values and ethos in such an accessible format’.

- Daniel Nevitt, Marketing Director, Armourcoat

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