British Land

Landing an Inspirational Video

At CIB, we’re always looking to push ourselves on with the latest innovations, be they in augmented reality, social media, or web analytics. Video has been the biggest challenge of late, with many companies, our clients included, demanding something different from the run of the mill corporate, product or case study video.

A good example of this is a project commissioned by British Land. As one of Europe’s leading Real Estate Investment Trusts, with a huge portfolio of high quality buildings and developments in prime locations, the company strives to portray itself as the leader in its field.

So how do you match that brief when looking at producing their new corporate video? Well the first thing to do is look at what has been done and is being done and make sure that you are more innovative, professional and polished than anyone else around you.

Video can be brilliant, inspiring, inspirational and aspirational. But, ask yourself. When did you last see a video that ticked any of these boxes?

As a property owner that leads the way in modern commercial, office and retail developments, we felt the most innovative way of showcasing these assets was to film them from the ground up. Working closely with one of the leading aerial filming companies, utilising remote controlled drones, we were able to capture some stunning images of British Land’s properties to show them off in their best light.

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