Remember it’s waterproof

We are very proud of the work we have done over the years with RIW. Having worked with the business since 1987, it remains our longest standing client.

In 2013 we created a digitally focused campaign to highlight the often overlooked importance of the correct structural waterproofing strategy.

RIW has been supplying waterproofing products and services to the construction marketplace for 100 years. Waterproofing, whilst inconspicuous, is absolutely vital to the delivery of a structurally sound building – it is the ugly stuff below ground that helps keep the most architecturally beautiful buildings fully operational throughout their lifetimes.

Creatively communicating its importance was the challenge and this was achieved through the 'Remember it's Waterproof' campaign, which featured 12 short videos and a series of cartoon style animations supported by direct mail, e-communication and a webinar with Building.co.uk

The campaign achieved average email open rates of between 20% and 45% and 929 people signed up for the webinar with 429 watching it live. RIW is a great example of a client that has really embraced digital, moving from traditional print advertising to take advantage of the lower cost and engaging nature of video.

The 'Remember it's Waterproof' campaign was 'highly commended' in the 'Best digital campaign' category at the 2013 Construction Marketing Awards.

“We were looking for a new and impactful way to emphasise our technical expertise, and the Remember It’s Waterproof campaign has more than delivered. Our marketing activity needs to be measurable so digital is the perfect medium for us, bringing results that far surpassed our expectations.”

- Sarah Patrick, Marketing Manager, RIW

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