Things are looking up for RIW

RIW supplies waterproofing products and solutions to the construction industry and is well known for their expert Technical Advisory service.

The ‘Things are Looking Up’ campaign revolved around a photographic competition with architects asked to take a picture, either on their smartphone or camera, that reflected a creative theme of ‘things are looking up’ and could be interpreted literally or emotionally.

Using the innovative Iconosquare platform to host the competition and streamed through the competition page on RIW’s website, entrants were asked to take a picture and to post the image on either Instagram or twitter using the hashtag #thingsarelookingup and @mentioning the @TALU_RIW Instagram and/or Twitter account. Dedicated Instagram and Twitter accounts were set up for the competition to enable us to use them as a vehicle for entries but also to ensure we could use these platforms for targeted advertising.

RIW website on a mobile phone placed on a table

To ensure we reached the younger architect, adverts were set up to target the top architectural colleges and universities in the UK, and targeting specific job titles such as ‘architectural student’.

To support the campaign, we identified Emmanuel Cole, the popular architectural photographer and ‘the original iPhone photographer’, commissioning him to take five shots to post through his own Instagram account, and for RIW to post throughout the campaign on their social feeds.

Artwork for Things are looking up campaign

The competition was open for 2 months and received 226 entries with representation from a number of the AJ top 100 practices (TP Bennett, Allies and Morrison, HTA, HOK, Foster & Partners, Ryder, Donald Insall Architects, Purcell, Norr, amongst others). Furthermore, and key given our focus on young architects, entries were received from students from the UK’s leading architectural colleges and universities including Bath University, Dundee University and Manchester School of Architecture.

“It’s vital that we engage with younger architects, and the ‘Things are looking up’ campaign has proved to be an excellent platform. Keeping RIW top of mind is an ongoing challenge and the engagement numbers from Instagram have justified our investment. We’ve also received spontaneous feedback from the architects we do day-to-day business with, so the effect on our brand image has been positive.”

- Sarah Patrick, Marketing Manager, RIW

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