Conquip Engineering Group

Universal success for Conquip campaign

Conquip Engineering Group is a UK specialist manufacturer of crane and forklift attachments and approached CIB in May 2016 to assist with the launch of its new Universal Floating Fork Attachment.

The benefit of this new product is that in a lot of cases it eliminates the need for having two machines on site as your excavator can be turned into a telehandler by virtue of this attachment, which is beneficial from a cost perspective but also useful if you’re working on a site with space constraints.

Our approach was a short concentrated burst of activity to launch the product using a combination of high impact digital activity (Facebook advertising, e-communication and home page skins on the Construction Enquirer website) all promoting a key piece of campaign content - a dynamic product comparison video that we filmed and edited which would then reside on the dedicated landing page for the product on their website.

Conquip website on a mobile phone resting on a laptop
Open magazine with Conquip article as a double page spread

We created two versions of the video - a 20 second teaser version specifically for use within Facebook advertising (as research shows that 85% of people watch videos on Facebook with no sound so we included captions) and then a longer version (2 minutes) for the dedicated product landing page and as a tool for the Conquip sales team.

The campaign delivered an exceptional 6,109 page views to the product landing page in just a 2 week period. Conquip have sold a record number of Universal Fork Attachments and have subsequently revised their sales forecast for the new product.

“Conquip is in rapid expansion, and keeping our customers aware of our fast pace of innovation and new launches is always a challenge. CIB were instrumental in rapidly creating a provocative and engaging campaign which delivered phenomenal success for us”

- Chris McCallum, Commercial Director, Conquip Engineering Group

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