Case studies - maximising their potential

Marketing managers don’t need to be told that case studies are important. You know it and so do we. The challenge for most people is time; the time to extract the right kind of projects from the business, to conduct interviews, copywrite, gain third party approvals, source images… and then do something of value with the final result.

Emma Marsh - Head of PR - South

Emma Marsh20.07.2022

On average, our PR teams deliver over 100 case studies for our clients every year. I would say our approach at CIB is about getting stuck in - with the tenacity to see them through and the proactivity to keep them coming.

We invest our time and like to meet the sales teams face to face. We present who we are and how CIB fits into their company’s marketing drive, what we mean by a ‘case study’, how we use them and what basic level of information we need to get going. Regular calls and emails afterwards helps to ensure that even if a case study has to be dropped – for one reason or another – well, we’ve got more in the pipeline.

As specialists in B2B construction PR, we also have the commercial insight and technical knowledge to draw from the interviewee why our client and its product or service helped to overcome a particular challenge or added value to the project. And it’ll always be tailored to the right audience, with the right messaging.

Finally, it’s about looking at case studies as a wealth of adaptable content. We pride ourselves on maximising every project.

When a project is identified, we’ll flag if there’s potential for a magazine exclusive or video. Video is intrinsic to what we do as content creators. Our PR teams are experienced at managing the process from start to finish - from writing briefs and scripts to conducting any interviews and overseeing edits.

Once initial activity like this is undertaken, we’ll still draft a standard version of the case study for use in all relevant publications to ensure we achieve as much coverage as possible.

Then, if required, we can adapt the full case study for the client’s website or marketing collateral, for social media organic content as well as using key project information and testimonials as the basis for engaging visual assets and animations.

So, there is it is. The case study: the epitome of adaptable content. There is so much value to be had from a really good case study that features third party testimonials. If resource and capacity in-house means there’s just not enough time for you to highlight the great work your company is doing – then we’re here to do it for you.

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