Dominating Digital

The CMAs have come and gone; there were tears, cheers and plenty of drinks.

The CMAs have come and gone; there were tears, cheers and plenty of drinks.

After every award show, the chat in the office inevitably turns to a consideration of the winners, where did we strike gold and what can we learn from those nominations that didn't quite make it.

This year we owned the 'Best Digital Campaign' category, with a win for RIW and a highly commended for Door-Stop. Marking the second year running that a client of ours has won 'Best Digital Campaign'. In an industry which has been slow to adapt to an increasingly digital world, we are proud to be leading digital marketing for the construction sector.

While everyone in our industry will be familiar with the phrase 'skills crisis' there is a wider 'digital skills crisis' across the PR and Marketing sectors. The speed at which the world has changed (and continues to do so) has resulted in a lot of marketers getting left behind.

While the basic tenants of marketing, know your audience and give them what they want, haven't changed the tools and channels have.
Audiences have become fragmented and scattered across a wider range of channels, coupled with the rise of ad blocking technology and multi-device usage, as marketers our job has reached a level of unprecedented complexity.

No one person can be expected to know everything about digital marketing, which is why working as an integrated team is so essential to success. Both the RIW 'Things Are Looking Up', and the Door-Stop, 'If It's Late It's Free' campaigns wouldn't have been possible without pooling the expertise of CIB team members and the clients' own marketing teams.

The prohibitive cost of staffing an in-house team with both the breadth and depth of specialisation necessary to carry out effective digital campaigns means the agency-client relationship has never been more important.

Here at CIB you won't find anyone who claims to know everything about digital (or any 'gurus'). What you will find is a lively bunch of experts who are always up for learning and improving. We are tackling the digital skills crisis head-on. I have recently come to the end of an intensive advanced digital marketing course with Google called Squared Online which has expanded my digital marketing knowledge. The CIB team members are constantly looking for new training opportunities, and we make a point of sharing our knowledge with each other.

We aren't resting on our laurels and are hard at work on pushing the boundaries of digital in the construction sector to deliver results for our clients.

If you'd like to talk about how we can help deliver stunning digital campaigns for you, please drop Nick Gill (New Business Development) an email at nickg@cibcomms.co.uk or call him on 01372371800

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